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The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on U.S. Taxpayers

Among the key findings of The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on U.S. Taxpayers:


  • California Dept. of Public Social Services shows that in the single month of Nov. 2010, $53 million in welfare benefits were issued to illegal aliens for their U.S.-born children in the single county of Los Angeles.
  • Texas taxpayers spent at least $250 million in 2009 for state prison and health care cost for illegal immigrants.
  • Texas State Comptroller estimates $1.3 billion in hospital cost for illegal immigrants in 2006.
  • The federal government recoups about one-third of its share of the costs of illegal immigration in the form of taxes collected. States, which bear a much greater share of the costs, recoup a mere 5 percent of their expenditures from taxes paid by illegal aliens.
  • Granting amnesty to illegal aliens, as President Obama and others propose, would not significantly increase tax revenues generated by current illegal aliens. However, over time, amnesty would dramatically increase public costs as newly-legalized aliens become eligible for all means-tested government programs.


  • $113,000,000,000 – This year’s cost of US  illegal immigration. Approximately 75% of that cost is absorbed by the states.
  • $1,117 – The average amount you and your family paid in taxes this year to support illegal immigrants.
  • $52,000,000,000 – The cost of educating the children of illegals. This is by far the single largest cost to the American taxpayer.
  • $2,700 – The average dollar amount a single illegal household costs the US federal government.
  • 51% – The percentage of Mexican immigrant households that use at least one major welfare program. 28% use more than one.
  • 1,400,000- The number of illegal immigrant households that use at least one major welfare program. (food stamps, WIC, school lunch programs, Medicaid, TANF, SSI, and/or public/rent-subsidized housing)
  • Arizona’s annual cost of illegal immigration is $2.5 billion.


“The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on U.S. Taxpayers provides a definitive response to the question of whether illegal aliens are a net benefit or a net drain on government coffers,”  “The report examines virtually every federal, state and local government program to determine the impact of illegal immigration on the bottom line. That bottom line $113 billion a year, and growing makes our nation’s failure to control illegal immigration one of the largest preventable burdens borne by American taxpayers.”  stated Dan Stein president of FAIR.


(source: Illegal Immigration Statistics )


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